Guyana Blood donation drive

2013-05-19: SVN Blood Donation Drive achieves 508 Units

Saraswati Vidya Niketan, in collaboration with SEWA Guyana and Cornelia Ida Temple, completed its 7th Annual Blood Donation Drive on 18th and 19th May this year. This drive attracted 534 potential donors and yielded 508 units of blood, which is probably the largest number ever collected in Guyana. There was a target of 501 units but with the hard work of the students, teachers and temple and community members, the target was met and exceeded.

The students of SVN had recruited 815 potential donors. A number of 295 of the recruits were able to donate blood. As we were nearing our target, the students again put in some extra effort and went around the community recruiting more people. Other donors included old and new donors, past and current students and residents of the surrounding villages like Cornelia Ida, Anna Catherina and Hague. Some donors even came from as far as from West Coast Berbice. There were also entire families that came out to contribute towards the blood drive.

Saraswati Vidya Niketan has recorded its highest number of blood units collected and has done it with great organization, assistance and hard work. All those involved gave their time and effort voluntarily. SVN wishes to thank the workers from the National Blood Bank, the members of the Cornelia Ida Temple, the reporters from Kaieteur News and the community members.

We are immensely proud of our students who encouraged and recruited most of the potential donors. The school aims at educating its students of their social responsibility and this activity is one way of doing so. Finally, we are grateful for the support of our donors who come year after year in huge numbers to support this worthy cause of voluntarily donating blood. It was indeed a blessing to work with such people to help save lives.