The venue should be the mandir itself to project Hinduism and our culture.
  • Step 1: Call the local Red Cross or local hospital and discuss the blood donation drive on 9/11 this year. They may want to visit the temple to see the donation site, parking, ect. They will also want to know the potential number of donors and the point person.

  • Step 2: Customize the flyer (attached) for mass e-mailing and placing on the temple bulletin board. Under the event organizers, we have left space for local contacts.

  • Step 3: Make a presentation on blood donation drive to the regular Sabha/assembly using my power point (attached). After the presentation; set up a table with flyers and sign-up sheet. I generally do this 2 weeks before the event and after 2 e-mailing of flyers. Create a spread sheet of donor volunteers with their tel. contact and e-mails for reminder and for later years. Click here to download Power Point presentation.

  • Step 4: There will questions from members who have never donated. This is a good site for FAQ: Link

  • Step 5: Some good you tube videos for mass mailing. Video link.

  • Step 6: Post your event on Face book.